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Avenir Aviation specializes in repairing Nacelle Systems and advanced composites for all commercial airplanes and engines:


  • Inlet Cowls          

  • Fan Cowls

  • Thrust Reversers

  • Exhaust Nozzles

  • Engines Pylon / Strut

  • Exhaust Cone

  • Fan By-Pass Ducts


Customer Support:


  • 24-Hour A.O.G.  Rapid Response Assistance within four (4) hours of notification from customer in the areas of:

  • Composites

  • Metal Structures

  • Thrust Reversers

  • Spares & Logistics


Avenir Aviation has a very highly qualified and experienced technical staff which includes A&P mechanics and inspectors, as well as an engineering team comprised of specialized engineers and FAA-DERs.


The accessories shop supports all mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components, including:


  • Hydraulic Actuators, Manifolds, Valves

  • Struts, Servos, Trunnions, Flight Controls

  • Dampers, Engine Mounts, Electro-mechanical Components

  • Pneumatic Components, Servo Actuators

  • CDUs, Brakes, Ballscrew Actuators

  • Electrical Harnesses, Flex Shafts, etc.

  • Piece Part Repairs.

Specialized Services

Full machining and welding capabilities.
Avenir Aviation takes full advantage of its engineering and fabrication capabilities to develop Repair Specifications to recover parts and components that are otherwise deemed BER.
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