Capability to repair/overhaul any structural component that can be removed from the aircraft including all noted in the picture (click picture for expanded view) as well as any Composite Panels (Floor/Wall), Galleys, Interior Bins, Lavatories, Fairings, Wing Tips/Winglets, etc.


​The accessories shop supports all mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components, including components removed from Nacelle Systems, such as CDUs, Hydraulic Actuators, Brakes, Valves, Ballscrew Actuators, Electrical Harnesses. We specialize in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electro-Mechanical Components, and Piece Part Repairs.


Repair/Fabrication of piece parts consumed in the Repair/Ovehaul of components. All parts are produced using FAA-Approved technical data.


Fully equipped machine shop includes lathes, milling machines, honing equipment, OD/ID grinding machines, welding equipment, saws, etc. Well trained and experienced machinists perform component repairs as well as fabrication of parts, tooling, and test equipment.


Our welders are certified to AWS D17.1 (SPECIFICATION FOR FUSION WELDING FOR AEROSPACE APPLICATIONS) in Aluminum, Inconel, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Cobalt alloys.


Avenir Aviation has developed many Repair Specifications as well as more than 3000 FAA-DER approved repairs. Click below for more details:

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