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We provide added value to our customers by reducing the cost of material through FAA-DER repairs. Our staff of engineers and DERs “Designated Engineering Representatives” generate and approve 8110-3 repairs to salvage expensive components when the required component repair is outside the scope of the OEM CMM/SRM. In many cases, all processes required to implement the repairs are performed in-house (i.e., welding, machining, fabrication, etc) hence, ensuring a higher quality product and faster turnaround times.


Our Engineers coordinate with our airline customers’ engineering departments to implement the repairs to their specific requirements, providing significant cost and time savings for our customers.

Areas of Expertise:


  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s)

  • Part Manufacturing Approval (PMA’s)

  • Technical Standard Orders (TSO’s)

  • Damage assessment. Repairs and approval

  • Tooling

  • Stress Analysis

  • Component Prototypes

  • FAA Coordination

  • DER Services (Major repairs and alterations)

  • FAA DER Approvals

  • Structures (metallic and composites)   

  • Turbines

  • Systems & Equipment

  • Electrical Power distribution

  • Damage Tolerance Analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis

Personnel include:


  • FAA DER’s - Structures

  • FAA DER’s - Engines

  • FAA DER’s - Systems & Equipment

  • FAA DER’s - Electrical Power Distribution

  • Aerospace Engineers

  • Structures Engineers

  • Mechanical Designers

  • CAD Draftsmen

  • Tool and Die Makers

  • Manufacturing / Fabricating Personnel



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